A OFFICIAL was founded in 2012 by me, Asshly Rondon. I was new to fashion back them, finding myself in this world, looking for my style and well, I'm still learning, reinventing myself and this blog with all the street style from fashion week and my favorites bloggers. Now I share everything I've learned over the years, my point of view of the fashion world and the latest trends from the runway here at this blog. On 2018, I decided to have a new name that identifies me more, that's why I decided to change the name of this page to Femme On Trend, femme for my love of Parisian fashion and haute couture and on trend, for the new york urban style that I also like a lot. 

I have known and worked with many people over the years and I'm always grateful for all the opportunities and all the people who visit this blog on a daily basis!

Thank you for everything,
Asshly x

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