Every lady wants a unique engagement ring. Just consider how annoying it can be for your girlfriend when someone walks in a room wearing the exact same dress as her. Now multiply that times a hundred when it comes down to engagement rings.

A woman wants something completely special and made for her. When it comes down to sentimentality, an engagement ring has to be special as it’s going to be worn for the rest of her life. It should therefore not only reflect your uniqueness as a pair but be an absolute delight every time she stares at it.

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Choosing A Unique Engagement Ring:

When you think of unique, you might be thinking about something daring or over the top. However, it doesn’t have to mean any of those things yet can be something much subtler. Follow these tips to find the one:

Add a fancy shade
Instead of going down the typical diamond route, why not go for a bright fancy colored diamond. They are on-trend and have real character instead of going for the traditional colorless diamond. It can also be a unique twist as your loved one can purchase your favorite shade.

A color that you hand-pick or that has been close to your heart for years. Choosing a fancy color also means you can have something that reflects your personality.

Think pink
Thinking pink is also good as pink diamonds are extremely rare. This is because they are structurally defected so produce a pink hue.

Go vintage
An engagement ring from a different era can be a stunning, unique idea to propose with. The designs from different time periods such as Art Deco or Victorian boast unusual designs and stunning craftsmanship that is rarely seen in the modern ring. It’s a great way to add that extra element of history and character to an engagement ring.

Go with a gemstone

Having a gemstone instead of a diamond as the center stone can be another unusual twist for the ring. There are so many to choose from such as garnets, emeralds, rubies, topaz, pearl and sapphire. You will definitely find something your partner loves that is truly individual to her.

Go two-tone
A ring with two different materials is a lovely idea. It also blends two colors of metal so your engagement ring has a new dimension. There are also different textures you can add to bring the design to the fore.

Think about an ornate setting
The setting can make a big difference to a ring and give the center stone a whole new feel. Choosing a way to present it can make your ring stand out amongst the rest and give it a twist.

These are all great ways you can showcase your individuality and uniqueness in the form of an engagement ring.