Yes, here we go..

I wake up almost every day at 5:25 am, I have dark circles and acne as many girls at 18 and I hate wearing makeup in the morning because first, I'm not really an expert and second, it would take half an hour to try to not look awful, so I decide to only use mascara, fix my eyebrows and lip balm. I'm Literally using only one product on my skin right now because I have decided to leave those creams for acne that only leave marks which doesn't help and I decided to say NO to my dermatologist about using those pills that make you look the most horrible face for months just to not suffer more acne, I would fall into depression just see my face like that and It may sound rude but don't need that s***. (Well maybe yes, but I will not want to leave my room for months, and I'm in college).

I write this because it is my blog, I know is always about fashion but I'd like to know more about beauty and skin care, I'm a fan of Into the Gloss, I read it every day but read doesn't make you an expert.

I was so happy when I found that the creator (Emily) had created his own line of skin care, but unfortunately I don't live in the US and I can't have it. So I decided to write this because I know many who read my blog, have passed or pass through this situation and I'd love to hear tips about which product or natural treatment has helped you.

Love love,

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