Literally, I've always envied the look of it many French girls always dress although minimalist, mostly are perfect and relaxed at the same time. This book is the god of all those girls looking to show off and be the Parisian you've always wanted to be without searching in google. This book have stories, things you would not find in a closet of a Parisian girl.

Like logos, because you're not a billboard. Also Nylon, polyester, viscose and vynil will make you sweaty, smelly and shiny. 0 Sweatpants, no man should ever see you in Those, except your gym teacher and even then leggings are Tolerated.

UGG boots (sorry UGG, all for the cause). A fake designer bag (I know that already), a skimpy top, none of it will find in the closet of a Parisian it girl.

Easy? Get that book HERE