Burberry Prorsum

 Christopher Kane
 Tom Ford
 Topshop Unique
Photos by VOGUE.CO.UK

I can tell you that I LOVE these collections, the London Fashion week always surprises me, especially with a British style of course, what I'm going to say I'll say it in short because maybe this can take a long time.

-Burbery Prorsum: cream colors and designs are spectacular
-Christopher Kane: Recommended for street styles and Red Carpet
-Mulberry: Design dream, (I loved the coats, but I think you could notice).
-Tom Frod: WOW, designs with crystal was my favorites, something eccentric, very British.
and finally, 
-Topshop Unique, perfect for summer, shorts, nightgowns, dresses, all in one collection .. perfection.

This fashion week is not over, and I'm anxious to see more!

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