I know we have all been very comfortable during these months, wearing our pajamas to work and joggers every day since no one was watching us, yoga to relax and do something similar to exercise. But little by little everything is returning to normal, the gyms are opening, we can go out and dine in a restaurant (outdoors of course), we can enjoy the beautiful summer weather and wear those dresses that we bought in quarantine eager to be able to use them In the remainder of the summer using our best shapewear for tummy and waist, to look your best and help our body to look fit again!

I hope you have used this time to love yourself, love you, take care of yourself and heal you, to accept and improve yourself in some way, either physically or emotionally, another season is coming, this time autumn and winter, the holidays are coming and I know you want to look perfectly like you are without hiding anything, show your curves as you want, if you are not using the plus size waist trainer this fall then you should!

Personally, I am excited to wear the entire line of, they have many models that I would love to wear this fall /winter, not only with dresses but with my favorite jeans and those skirts that I want to wear so much while the weather allows me of course.I have never wanted to wear something like my waist trainers so much, one of the resolutions this year was to help me physically look how I feel mentally, happy and capable of anything, that is why I have decided to add these pieces to my wardrobe as if I already was part of my underwear.

The best part of all is that it feels very comfortable, it doesn't make you feel like you actually have something on, you can wear it with many garments, be it dresses, pants, jeans, skirts, whatever you want. If you want to know which are my favorites, at the bottom are what I personally chose for myself but you can vary and choose the one that best suits you and your daily routine.

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