We all love to wear rings, of that there’s little doubt. The wearing of rings does have social guidelines, or rules you could call them, and while these might vary in different cultures, we have collected the main guidelines and forms of etiquette, in order for you to know the correct protocol to follow:

Maintain Correct Proportions: If you have large hands, then rings should be of a suitable size and not too small, and the same goes for those with small hands, when you should wear rings that are not too large. This achieves a balanced look and you, the wearer, will feel more confident, knowing that your rings are in proportion with your hands.

The Wedding Finger: Of course, the third finger on your left hand should be reserved for your engagement and wedding rings, as this is the traditional way to wear such rings. It is fine to wear both your engagement and wedding rings on the same finger, indeed, stacking rings is all the rage at the moment. Check out custom wedding rings or handmade engagement rings Parramatta shops are selling.

Left & Right Balance: If, for example, a person wears 3 or 4 rings on one hand, they can wear a bracelet on the other, to balance things out, and try to avoid wearing too much jewellery on one hand, with nothing on the other. If you are looking to add to your ring collection and wish to find a jewellery shop near you or anywhere else for that matter, a Google search will help you locate a store.

Feel Confident: You should wear your rings with some confidence, regardless of what others might think, and if, for example, you like to wear a thumb ring, there’s no law against that, so you can feel good about your style. The older generation would pay more attention to traditions regarding jewellery, while younger people tend to think that it isn’t important to follow traditions. If, for example, you would like to design your own ring, especially one that’s unique, you can start looking at spinel jewellery for sale in Sydney for inspiration. Once you know what you want out of a ring, you can go to an established custom jeweller, who can help you to design a perfect ring.

Save the Diamonds for Evening Wear: It is still considered to be bad form in higher circles to wear diamonds during the day, with perhaps the exception of a wedding ring. You would not, for example, wear your diamond necklaces and bracelets for a trip to the local market. Besides, wearing expensive jewellery during the day could be considered risky.

Older People Should Avoid Cheap Jewellery: Once you reach the age of 25, it is considered that the wearing of cheap costume jewellery is the domain of younger people, with perhaps the exception of wearing Art Deco jewellery for an evening engagement. You can check articles online for more information on jewellery etiquette

Dress Code at Work: It is considered normal for a woman to wear her engagement and/or wedding ring at work, but other rings should be avoided. This would very much depend on your employer and how strict they are regarding dress code at the office.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable wearing your rings, but do consider the event. For anything formal, you should make an effort to follow the above guidelines.

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