Shapewear has become a huge trend lately, Kim Kardashian is honest about wearing shapewear everyday! Every woman should have even one piece in her wardrobe, it has become a basic piece but not necessarily to hide something but to show the curves in the best possible way. My current favorite right now is Shapellx, they really know how to make you look like a million dollars underneath, their pieces so soft and you can go to work, go out with your friends without feeling uncomfortable, their Shaping leggings are a gym must-have, we all want to look good at the gym right? They're gym approved by me and I'm really picky about that, my legs always turn red when i'm exercising but it's doesn't happen when I'm wearing this leggings.

Their high waist thong shapewear is a total must-wear under any dress, it make you look like you always wanted and no one would ever notice that you're wearing it, which is also a plus because a lot of the shapewear online are to obvious and they don't look any good, trust me. Celebrities have used them since it was invented, obviously it has evolved a lot in the last century and particularly in the last decade, it has become a required piece in any special event, for the day to day, and its use has changed a lot , previously it was to hide your body and make it look different, currently it is the opposite, it is to show your curves in a smoother way but without hiding them!

We have advanced a lot in what refers to the female body, we have chosen to accept the fact that we are perfect in any way and that what we use has to show us as we are and not otherwise, we still have a lot to go on in terms of acceptance and of our bodies but I think we are on the right track if we decide to support it. You decide to join this community, Shapellx is a pretty good option for anything you need, check out my favorite pieces down below!

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