The new trend in weddings that every bridesmaid has her own style of dress is a brilliant idea! Each woman has a different style and you can not think that a single dress will be the same for all, depending on the type of wedding is something that you should definitely try if you are the bride, if you are the maid of honor, you should propose (get it?) this idea to see if it seems to her. 

 You can use this idea in all possible ways, combine different styles and have a wedding with a feeling where each bridesmaid feels special in your wedding. If you are looking for ideas or buy the dresses of your bridesmaids, visit this site Babyonlinewholesale, you will not regret it!


If you are looking for a romantic style perfect for outdoor weddings, you can customize this dress as you want, any color or adding more details. And if you're on a budget click her:

You can try this looks with your bff's I always recommend this particular style, this silhouette always makes you look more slender and shows the curves in a very sexy but elegant way, it is a good trick for any bridesmaid

This style is the favorite of the season, the mop and neckline is the most searched in Google and the most used in red carpets and we know why!

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  1. Amazing dresses! The first pink dress is super stunning!


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