After years of suffering with acne and oily skin, I feel like I always need to try new things to keep my face smooth, I'm not obsessed but still, I hate acne. Here is my secret for perfect skin!

I don't have a routine for every day because I firmly believe in letting your face breath, no chemicals and aggressive creams, so I decided to use only a natural soap and my new Spin for Perfect Skin by Vanity Planet, which I am really surprised because it is so good with a very accessible price, it help you to get rid of the dead skin on the face, body and even feet without damaging the skin.

It comes with 4 different brushes for a complete spa at home, Is really simple to use, It will lasts for a long time and you will save a lot of money on skincare products.

PLUS, here is a code for a 70% OFF discount on Spin Products! Code: BBSFPS70 Shop Here!

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