The time has come, you have bought all the bridal magazine during these months looking for the perfect style for your wedding, you are about to marry the love of your life and want to look better than ever. I know that sometimes it is difficult to find that style that identifies you and that future commitment and I have found the best ideas on DresshopAU for your special day down below!

Soft lace details are always a trend for a wedding and this dress is perfection if you're wedding is in the woods or an intimate celebration, find this dress and even more wedding dresses here!

She looks like Meghan Markle right? Want to feel more sexy with curves to show your bride workout routine? this wedding dress is for you!

If you're Wedding is at the beach and wanna feel like a mermaid, this is the perfect dress.

For a fancy, elegant and extravagant wedding, this wedding dress is the one!